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Upper School

Welcome to the Upper School! Each of our high school aged students has talents and interests in a variety of areas, and our Faculty consistently strives to help students identify and develop such strengths by helping them design a program best suited for their individual goals and for their continued personal growth.

We strive to provide as many educational opportunities as possible that allow high school aged students to explore and cultivate the intellectual, artistic, and athletic aspects that make them unique. The many options we provide are our legacy to our students, and we expect them to take full advantage of all that King has to offer.

I invite you to explore our US pages to learn more about our programs, and to spend a day some time soon on campus to see for yourself what a terrific learning community King could be for your child.

– Marnie Sadlowsky
Head of Upper School

Upper School Mission Statement

The King Upper School provides a progressive, student-centered learning environment dedicated to nurturing individual potential. Within a challenging and rich high school curriculum, we encourage students to realize their academic and personal best by helping them cultivate their particular blend of strengths and talents. Our students explore, discover, and develop these strengths and talents through opportunities in academics, arts, athletics, service learning, student-led clubs, and cultural opportunities. King students become increasingly independent in a school culture that values and teaches respect, compassion, integrity, and social responsibility. Our students learn to work collaboratively, think critically and creatively, and consider multiple perspectives – abilities that are key to thriving in a rapidly changing world.

An overview of each component of our curriculum is below.



For information about the US Academic program, please click on the document below, or visit our US pages.


Performing Arts and Visual Art

For information about the Performing Arts and Visual Art Programs, click on the document below,or:

visit the US Performing Arts page
visit the US Visual Art page



For information about the US Athletics Program, click on the document below, or visit the US Athletics page.


Global Education

The Global Education Program at King aims to develop students' knowledge of the world's cultural diversity within the context of globalization. Students learn the similarities and differences connecting all cultures in an effort to foster multicultural understanding. By developing in students an educated awareness of our increasingly interdependent world, King prepares them to recognize the need for their active participation in ethical, cultural, socio-economic, political, scientific and environmental issues. Visit our Global Education page here.


The Computer Science and Digital Applications Program teaches students to use various digital media to express their creativity, model real-world phenomena, and/or discover innovative ways of posing and solving problems. Technology is used in an applied fashion to provide a space in which to conceptualize, design, and create, and as a tool to drive independent inquiry, collaboration, and exploration.



For a detailed look at our Advisory program, click on the document below.


In the Upper School, use of technology as a learning tool becomes integral to the learning process. Each student new to the Upper School is required to purchase a Macintosh MacBook computer and bring it ready to use to school each day.

Technology resources at King are provided to students to enhance educational opportunities, with improved access to information, increased opportunities for creativity and collaboration, and enhanced efficiency. Access to technology resources at King is provided as a privilege for members of the King community at the sole discretion of the Administration.

US students are required to participate in the US Laptop Program. All US students are expected to purchase Macintosh laptop computers.

Insurance is a good idea it protects you in those cases where a warranty does not, such as theft, damage due to accidents, and other mishaps. We recommend Safeware.

Theft Recovery
Software is now available that will allow law enforcement officers to track and potentially retrieve your stolen laptop. We recommend "Lojack for Laptops," available from CompuTrace

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