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Lower School

Welcome to the Lower School! Each school day, the LS Faculty provides an educational experience for each elementary school aged child that is challenging and rewarding, keeping the following educational goals foremost as they create learning experiences for elementary students:
  • Foster a love of learning
  • Develop fundamental academic skills
  • Apply and integrate intellectual processes
  • Recognize and support various learning styles
  • Develop physical and artistic expression
  • Promote individual social and emotional development
  • Instill the virtues of good citizenship and social responsibility

I invite you to explore our LS pages, and then to visit our campus to learn more about our wonderful programs in person.

Lower School Mission Statement

The King Lower School provides an academic foundation for elementary school aged students in Grades PreK-5. The Lower School experience is grounded in educational excellence and in developing students’ love of learning by fostering the cognitive, social, emotional, and physical development of each individual student in a safe and nurturing atmosphere. Children thrive in King’s diverse and engaging environment that recognizes individual talents and learning styles and guides students to become independent, inquisitive learners, and critical thinkers. Thus, students are guided to develop a sense of responsibility for themselves and a respect and appreciation for others and the larger world around them. Child-centered classrooms focus on the acquisition and development of elementary, core skills and problem-solving strategies through innovative educational activities. This pedagogical approach enables our students to evolve into confident, globally-oriented, lifelong learners who consistently strive towards their full potential.

An overview of each component of our curriculum is available below.



For information about our PreK Program, click on the document below, or download here.



For information about our Kindergarten Program, click on the document below, or visit our Kindergarten page.


Grade 1

For information about our Grade 1 Program, click on the document below, or visit our Grade 1 page.


Grade 2

For information about our Grade 2 Program, click on the document below, or visit our Grade 2 page.


Grade 3

For information about our Grade 3 Program, click on the document below, or visit our Grade 3 page.


Grade 4

For information about our Grade 4 Program, click on the document below, or visit our Grade 4 page.


Grade 5

For information about our Grade 5 Program, click on the document below, or visit our Grade 5 page.


Global Education

The Global Education Program at King aims to develop students' knowledge of the world's cultural diversity within the context of globalization. Students learn the similarities and differences connecting all cultures in an effort to foster multicultural understanding. By developing in students an educated awareness of our increasingly interdependent world, King prepares them to recognize the need for their active participation in ethical, cultural, socio-economic, political, scientific and environmental issues.

For more information, click on the document below, or visit our Global Education page.



Media and Technology

The Computer Science Program teaches students to use various digital media to express their creativity, model real-world phenomena, and/or discover innovative ways of posing and solving problems. Technology is used in an applied fashion to provide a space in which to conceptualize, design, and create, and as a tool to drive independent inquiry, collaboration, and exploration.

For information about our Media and Technology Program, click on the document below, or visit our Library/Media page.

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